When It Comes To Floating Golf Greens, Size Matters

You have a lot options when shopping for new golf pool toys. For golf enthusiast, Floating Golf Greens have become all the rage. Floating golf targets are fun for the whole family, allow you to practice in your backyard, and make a fantastic addition to any backyard tailgate, pool party, or BBQ. 
We did hours of product research (fun research project) to come up with the best option for golf enthusiasts of all skill levels. There are many requirements to consider from size, look, quality and durability. Fact is, often times a mat that is too small will require a great deal of skill for any average player to enjoy. Unless you can hit a Phil Mickelson flop shot with a 64 degree lob wedge, your shot will most likely bounce off the floating green and go into the water. After all of our research, we found the optimum size to provide the right amount of challenge and fun was 45" x 65" (just under 4' x 6'). 
Float N' Chip 45" x 65" Floating Golf Greens from Low Country Pastimes provides all that you are looking for in a swimming pool golf game. They provide a professional look, superior quality and are optimally sized for players of all skill levels.